About ETF

Emerging technology will soon be all pervasive, and will reshape markets and societies. Its promise is unlimited, but only if managed well. Unlocking its potential requires an agile governance – one that can pre-empt risks, protect the vulnerable, and preserve innovation. The Emerging Technology Forum is a multi-stakeholder community which aims to build state capacity, enhance societal awareness, and engage with industry towards this.

Our Vision

Institutions, law, and society at large have found it difficult to adapt to changes brought about by technological developments. Technology’s march of progress has not led to corresponding gains for society. As technology becomes more pervasive, immersive, and complex, it is important to create processes and safeguards to maximize societal gains from innovation and mitigate risks before they amplify. Online safety and consumer trust are of categorical importance to unlock the potential technological innovation holds for the Indian economy and ecology.

ETF deploys a comprehensive approach to harmonize facets like consumer welfare, economic freedom, environmental protection, user safety, and supervisory capabilities. Our core objective is to find a symbiosis between public and private enterprise, and consumer and regulatory confidence and trust in the digital realm. Our view is that such an approach would aid the country to move in a sustainable direction.